The Gin Box by World Class Gin (10x50ml) 50cl

Country Of Origin Pays-Bas
Weight Unit Amount 0.5 Liter
Alcohol Percentage 42.9 %
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The Gin Box by World Class Gin (10x50ml) 50cl

About the Brand and Place of Production

The Gin Box by World Class Gin is a perfect gift for gin enthusiasts. World Class Gin is a brand that specializes in crafting high-quality spirits that are made using only the finest ingredients. This particular gin Geschenken is made in England, a country known for producing some of the best gins in the world.

Taste and Aroma

When it comes to taste, The Gin Box by World Class Gin is well-balanced and complex. It has a smooth texture with a subtle sweetness that is complemented by a burst of botanical flavors such as juniper, coriander, and angelica root. The finish is long and refreshing, making it a perfect sipping gin or an excellent base for cocktails.

The aroma of this gin Geschenken is equally impressive. It has a fresh and citrusy scent that is followed by a floral bouquet. The combination of aromas creates an inviting and luxurious experience for the senses.

Fun Fact about The Gin Box Geschenken

Fun fact: The Gin Box by World Class Gin includes ten different gins from all over the world. Each gin has its unique flavor profile and characteristics, giving you the opportunity to explore and discover new tastes.

Production Process

The production process of this gin Geschenken involves using traditional distilling methods combined with modern techniques to achieve the perfect balance of flavors. Only the highest quality ingredients are used, ensuring that every bottle meets the standards set by World Class Gin.

Spécifications produit
SKU L-58-146-00
Marque World Class Spirits
Pourcentage d'alcool 42.9 %
Comprend la boîte-cadeau Non
Pays d'origine Pays-Bas
Litres 0.5 Liter
Type de boisson Gin
Code à barres EAN 5712718003413

World Class Spirits The Gin Box by World Class Gin (10x50ml) 50cl


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